How to attract customers to your convenience store like a magnet

Published: 22nd September 2008
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Nowadays, given the pressure of the economic conditions and uncertainties in the employment market, many people are exploring avenues to get into business and stand on their own legs. Owning and operating a business is a challenging task for anyone regardless of the type of business one chooses to get into. There is more and more competition both in on line business ventures as well as in off line business ventures. Therefore, everyone looks for ways and means to ensure that their business venture stays afloat and profitable.

Every business depends upon a steady flow of customers. Without customers, there is no revenue and without revenue there can be no profits. Owning and operating convenience stores is like running any other business wherein the customer flow becomes critical. Especially problematic with convenience stores is the fact that there are so many of them that if a customer feels dissatisfied, they can simply go down the street to the next store and spend their money there. This tremendous availability of convenience stores everywhere makes it harder to find and keep customers. Nevertheless, there are ways to succeed even in this fiercely competitive business and in this article we will deal with three tips to attract customers to your convenience store like a magnet.

The first tip is to get to know your customers. Customers visit convenience stores as the name implies for quick service and in and out experience. Get to know your customer by first name and greet them every time they come in warmly and slowly get to know details about them like their family and their occupation and the like. Every time they walk in, try to enquire about their family, their job and such and develop a bond. This bonding will help them come back to your store for more and slowly they will refer you to their friends and colleagues. Do the same with the new customers that come in through these referrals and this can lead to a massive growth in customer base. Secondly, try to provide the best price possible for the products that you sell. Even if your profit margin has to be lowered, that is okay, as long as you can make it up in volume. Customers are usually extremely price sensitive and being the lowest priced merchant in the neighborhood goes a long way in attracting and keeping customers. And finally, if a customer cannot find what he or she wants, refer them to an alternative that you may be selling. And offer to keep that item on the shelf if they think they will be buying it from your store in the future. In other words, lend a helping hand to your customers and give them the feeling that you really care about them. These three tips will ensure a steady and positive growth of your customer base and will ensure the continued profitability and growth of your convenience store.

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